Tranquility And Greenery: Highlights Of The New Normanton Park

Are you a nature lover that wants to live in the city near work?
Developed in District 5 of Singapore, Normanton Park is a condominium located in Kent Ridge that boasts spectacular views of the city and is surrounded by nature that gives residents a feeling of relaxation like staying in a high-end resort. Its location is best for people who are looking for a place to stay in near work and loves a beautiful scenery of nature as well for peace and relaxation. It is also near a lot of amenities like cafes, restaurants or shopping centers that you can visit during your free time or occasions to spend with the family to celebrate.The condo consists of 1-5 bedroom unit types to choose from to decide which is a better and ideal design and type for them and their families.It is also an assurance that you don’t have to worry about security because there are security guards working for 24hours around the condominium.

Is it easily accessible?
Yes, it is. It will not be a problem whether you will be driving or commuting around the area. There are 3 MRT stations nearby which are: Kent Ridge, Pasir Panjang, and Queens town when you want to use the train. There are also bus stops if you prefer this option than the train which is: Normanton Park, Science Park and OPPNormanton Park. Moving around within the area is made easy for residents for its location, it is also actually near the AYE expressway.

This is also a perfect choice to live in for shopaholics for there are nearby malls around the area that you can visit with your family and friends to unwind and take a break from work like: The Star Vista, Rochester Mall, Ikea Alexandra and Queensway Shopping Center.