Does A Tree Service Plant Trees, Or Just Trim And Remove Them?

Trees help the ecology in a major way. Aside from maintaining the balance of animal life in the area, it also protects the area from natural calamities as well. These plants help in oxygen production by absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment.

As such, a lot of nature-loving groups, conservationists and government officials do their best to preserve these trees. However, they cannot achieve these conservation efforts without the help of tree professionals.

Common people think that professional tree service in Mount Pleasant SC only do tree cutting, trimming and stump removal. However, professional tree services can also entail tree planting and watering as well. Tree services do these things with the help of arborists.

What is an arborist?

  • Aka tree surgeon or arboriculturist
  • Professionals that focus more on the individual health and safety of plants and trees
  • Trained  and certified to do most common tree-related procedures

However, arborists do not necessarily perform the same functions. Some may only perform consultancy services, while others do some climbing, pruning and planting. Still, others might do a combination of these.

Here are some of the most common tree services offered by arborists:

  1. Tree planting

Different trees thrive in different conditions. As such, not all kinds of trees are fit to live in certain areas. Tree services can address this problem by sending one of their arborists over.

Arborists can help homeowners determine the right trees for your yard, basing it on your geographic location and landscape.

  • Pruning and topping

As there are various reasons to prune a tree, only certified arborists are fit to do the job properly. Failure to properly prune or top a tree can lead to disastrous effects.

  • Tree and stump removal

Just like pruning and topping, there are also various reasons for removing a tree and stump. No matter what these reasons are, tree services are well-trained to do the job after proper assessment and planning. For safety purposes, it is best to leave any tree-related work to the professionals, no matter the cost it takes in hiring them.